At the SME level , cloud computing has impacted primarily on ROI, especially in reducing costs in fixed and operational capital, since management and maintenance becomes the service provider’s task . It also involves more flexible payment options and specific contracts for the use of applications or services.
The advantages of the cloud for SMEs go beyond the traditional parameters of tangible costs – such as hardware and software – and lies in the value it brings. That is perhaps the major driver of its adoption, and can be summarized in five strengths:

1. Innovation and optimization: If the system personnel are reduced the burden of managing and operating applications, infrastructure and users, they have more time and resources to propose solutions with creativity and innovation. In addition, they will be able to quickly implement their ideas and the budget can be harnessed with a focus towards strategies of growth and generation of new businesses.
2. Agility, more business: Higher speed to reach the market is synonymous with profits. You can not measure the business that is stopped, but the new opportunities that the technology propitiates using less resources faster, which accelerates operations and provides a superior competitiveness.
3. More efficient and satisfied staff: Imagine repetitive processes that you eliminate by automating them . This provides companies with more efficiency and productivity, but also employees happier and connected to the business, from any point.
4. Business Reliability: Cloud computing services run on highly available platforms, managed by certified experts, all of which ensures that in the event of a failure on a physical server, the virtual server will not be affected.Moreover, if the cloud is private, it guarantees to comply with the privacy regulations that the organizations require.
5. Sustainability: From the moment servers are virtualized , companies start saving with less use of physical space, energy and a lower generation of carbon footprint. The cloud in the sky is white, but in technology it is green, ecological and profitable.
Mollón said that if SMBs are thinking about taking their business to the cloud, it will be very useful to deepen their analysis from these points, in addition to the ROI parameters, to take advantage of the benefits that this technology offers them and that allows them to dial A difference with your customers and the market.



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